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What we're working on, the e-democracy landscape, and the future of collective decision making

How do DUP policies stack up?

The DUP have agreed to support Theresa May without forming a coalition. Their 10 MPs take the Conservatives over the 326 seat line to form a government by 2 seats. But how do their views compare across key issues? Through the general...

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A hung Parliament: which parties most agree?

During the election campaign, we analysed the main party manifestos across over 160 statements and policies. The purpose: to help voters find their best match and have their say on the key issues. In doing so we could also show...

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Which political party leaders do voters trust?

Today I've begun to look at the insights beginning to form from our 'Who should I vote for?' survey. With over 120 questions, the survey covers key policy areas based on the main UK political party manifestos. As well as helping people to...

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