Have Your Say On The Future Of Schools In England

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The UK government has put together a new set of ideas (PDF) for making more good school places available for everyone in England.

You may have heard about them recently through the grammar school debate. That’s covered, but also faith schools and the role of universities and private schools in state school education.

To summarise their ideas, the government would like:

  • more grammar schools and grammar school places
  • to make sure grammar schools are open for children from any background to attend
  • private schools and universities to be share their expertise with state schools, including the setting up or sponsoring of new schools
  • faith schools deliver more good school places
  • to make sure faith schools are inclusive in who can attend

Before these ideas go to Parliament for voting on, the government would like to hear from you.

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So that as many people as possible can have their say, Represent.me and Simple Politics have taken the government’s questions and made them (we hope) as accessible and easy to answer as possible. Represent have also added some questions about you and your views on education to give context to the results.

Most of the questions shouldn’t require expert knowledge, but if there is something you’re unsure of, press the “skip” button at the bottom of each question. Answer as many as you can.

Skip button
Skip button – circled orange

We would like as many people as possible to be heard by the government. So please share the questions with as many people as possible. And if you don’t live in England, don’t worry! You can still answer the questions, as the results can be useful to your own government.

We have spoken with the Department of Education and arranged to send your answers to them by the 12 December 2016. We will publish the results as a report here and let you know what happens.

The Department have asked that we encourage people to answer their original consultation questions – please go here to do so.

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