How do DUP policies stack up?

The DUP have agreed to support Theresa May without forming a coalition. Their 10 MPs take the Conservatives over the 326 seat line to form a government by 2 seats. But how do their views compare across key issues? Through the general...

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ProgCode network – civictech in the USA

CivicTech is a global phenomena, arguably most coming of age during Obama's first campaign, and more recently Donald Trump's campaign has made powerful and inventive use of the resources available in the 2015 election to target and mobilise voters. The Bernie...

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Do we still need political parties?

This article originally appeared in the New Statesman, 4 October 2016 Technology has changed everything. Apart from politics. When the Uber of democracy hits, will parties still have a role? It’s party conference season. Political parties appear to be doing well – about a...

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Have Your Say On The Future Of Schools In England

>>> Ready to have your say? Start here. The UK government has put together a new set of ideas (PDF) for making more good school places available for everyone in England. You may have heard about them recently through the grammar school debate. That's covered,...

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Blowing a dandillion

Briefing notes: Devolution in England

An occasional series where we publish briefing notes we've put together for our own internal use that we think might be useful to others.  What does devolution in England mean? Unlike in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, where the whole country or...

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Add any question to your Group or Collection

If you have a Collection or are a group admin you'll know that you can add existing questions to them. This saves the site filling up with lots of similar questions, and adds weight to popular ideas. But you'll also know it's...

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Putting @you at the heart of what we do

A little quick and nice feature we added a few weeks ago was nicer ways of sharing your profile. With a hat-tip to the tried and tested format of twitter, instagram, facebook, skype, and .. well pretty much every user-centric service,...

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Job opportunity – Community manager

We are looking for a community manager to join the team! Are you someone who would love to work with, and empower, our members to change how their voices are heard in decisions? Someone to help people know we exist and then...

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One X is not enough to determine your future.

So what next? TL;DR: Democracy is being updated at https://rep.roundbear.org — the world’s first online peer-to-peer governance platform. Get involved. Ultimately, after the denial and amazement, this is our opportunity to make Great Britain do bold, brilliant, and inspiring things. We have no one...

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– “Odd,” said Arthur, “I thought you said it was a democracy.”