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What we're working on, the e-democracy landscape, and the future of collective decision making

We’re growing!

Member snapshot as of today. 47,373 answers 838 people That's an average of 57 votes per person. Not bad when you realise that you'll only vote 14 times in general elections. ...

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Good things to read

Inspired by the #SummerOfTech alternative summer reading list for MPs (and everyone) here are our picks, and some other good things we've been reading here at Represent. Our favourites: More Human: Designing a World Where People Come First by Steve Hilton Blueprint for a Revolution...

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Things we’ve been reading recently

25% of Estonians electoral votes are cast online. Laws have been updated to address the issues of privacy, security and trust, without reverting to isolation and protectionism. Manuel Arriaga, author of the excellent Rebooting Democracy discusses the possibility of a "Citizen's Chamber" as an...

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This Is How Fast America Changes Its Mind

  via Bloomberg There are two main points to take from this graph. 1. Change is happening faster - that much is obvious. 2. Compassion is changing. This one's a little harder to discern, but either: a) Our 'circle of compassion' is expanding to include more...

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8 ways online democracy changes everything.

The chances are you’re not going to get the MP you voted for — but that might not matter for very much longer. There is a quiet revolution taking place in democracy, bringing new thinking to how we take decisions together. For the...

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