Healing divided societies: can open government work?

Healing divided societies: can open government work?

It’s easy to put people in boxes, to presume we know why and what they think.

With the recent rise in inequality, there has been a fracturing of societies in Europe and the United States, in such a background, what works in building dialogue and bridging divides? And how can internet-based social networks to build capacity for citizens to hold their governments to account? These were just some of the questions asked by SCVO at the session ‘Healing divided societies: can open government work?’ at The Gathering in Glasgow yesterday, where Kathryn, and Represent advisor Andy Williamson were panelists.


Kathryn Corrick

Digital communications strategist, teacher and open data specialist with an academic background in ethics. Kathryn has been working in and around the web and its impact on civic society for over 15 years, and is particularly interested in how the use of technology and data is changing culture, society, law and democracy.

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