Which political party leaders do voters trust?

Today I’ve begun to look at the insights beginning to form from our ‘Who should I vote for?’ survey. With over 120 questions, the survey covers key policy areas based on the main UK political party manifestos.

As well as helping people to decide on which party best matches their values we will be sending the aggregated data to MPs to show them what people care about across the country and by constituency. As anyone can participate, so these results aren’t scientific, but they do hold some interesting insights.

Given the emphasis on leadership in the general election so far, I was curious to understand the relationship between the party people support and the leader they most trustYou can explore the interactive version of the charts here.

The chart below shows the results for all parties and all leaders.

All main UK political parties compared to all main party leaders

Party versus trusted leader

There’s a lot going on there, so I’ve broken it down a bit. Here’s a breakdown by the parties with most support.

Parties with most support so far compared to who they most trust

Parties with most support

One of the first things that’s noticeable is only about 36% of Liberal Democrat supporters most trust Tim Farron, the leader of the party. Let’s see that in more detail.

Who do Liberal Democrat supporters trust?

Liberal democrats and trusted leader

With people who have taken the survey so far, Jeremy Corbyn is the most trusted. The trust is mostly from Labour Party supporters followed by Liberal Democracts and Greens.

 Which party supporters most trust Jeremy Corbyn?

Political parties and Jeremy Corbyn

But what of those who don’t support any party? So far that’s just under 11% of respondents. Whilst they may not support a party, 45% of them do trust one of the political party leaders.

Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley of the Green Party are most trusts by people who don’t support any of the listed parties, followed closely by Jeremy Corbyn.

45% of people who do not support a listed party do trust a party leader

No party support v most trusted

And visa versa, what of those who don’t trust any of the above leaders? 17% of people have so far selected ‘None of the above’ for the question of which political party leader they trust.

By a small margin, so far people who have responded support parties a bit more than they trust leaders.

Not trusting a leader doesn’t mean you don’t trust a party

None of the above and political parties

To take part and find out who your values most compare with versus, perhaps who you support, you can take the Who Should I Vote For? survey below.


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