ProgCode network – civictech in the USA

ProgCode network – civictech in the USA

CivicTech is a global phenomena, arguably most coming of age during Obama’s first campaign, and more recently Donald Trump’s campaign has made powerful and inventive use of the resources available in the 2015 election to target and mobilise voters.

The Bernie tech movement are building a network of tech volunteers and are creating open-source tools for progressive candidates.

If you’d like to join them there’s a great active slack channel, and you can follow them on Medium, too. Check out their write up of Represent at 

Ed Dowding

Technologist and entrepreneur, Ed specialises in social collaboration systems. His work has included building risk analysis services for the insurance industry, and from 2005 to 2010 he developed an SMS alert system which quickly grew into a full emergency management service for London local authorities and blue-lights.

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