Using the Represent API for #GE2017

What does it do?

Represent and the Represent API are a toolbox for a modern democracy. The API includes the ability to:

  • Create and verify profiles
  • Create polls and questions, and vote on them.
  • View, analyse, and weight results, including demographic and location data
  • Compare with local census data (UK only)
  • Compare users with each other (e.g. compare to candidates or decision makers), with a granular topic-by-topic comparison
  • Delegate your vote to other users (liquid democracy style)
  • Comment on questions, up/down vote comments, and nesting
  • Get politician data in UK, USA, and Canada

Who’s it for?

  • Anyone interested in civic tech
  • Anyone building democracy tools
  • Campaign organisations seeking to gather and understand local or topical opinions
  • Politicians, candidates, or other representatives seeking to deeply engage people with their campaigns (though to be fair this cohort should probably use the turn-key front-end tools)

What can I do with it?

Where is it? What’s the licence?

You can find the link via

All data is licensed as CC-BY-SA.  


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