Your UK polling day toolkit – everything you need to get to the polls and vote

Polling stations across the UK will be open today from 7am until 10pm today.

We’ve put together everything your need to make your voice count.

Find your polling station

If you have your polling card to hand your polling station should be clearly marked. But, life is not always that simple. Find your nearest polling station here:

Who can I vote for, what elections are happening in my area?

Today there are elections across the UK for local councils, police commissioners, the mayor of Bristol, London, Liverpool, and Salford, as well as the London Assembly.

To find out what elections and who you can vote for enter your postcode here:

Yikes, I’ve still not decided who to vote for as London Mayor!

Beyond the personalities, we look at the policies of the main candidates in this handy quiz which can help you choose. And because Represent believes in continuous democracy, we’ll make sure that no matter who wins, they know what you want for London.



Help! My colleagues and friends are asking me which London mayor candidate they should vote for

Did we say that our quiz is super shareable? Plus, you cancompare yourself with your friends.

What’s next?

The period immediately after the election is when plans are put in motion, and working hard to keep democracy on the agenda.

Councils and politicians are making plans for more participatory democracy (eg London is likely to appoint a Chief Data Officer) and we’re working across the country to make sure your voice is heard.

The UK’s EU referendum is just around the corner. We’ve some fine things coming your way to make it easier to vote, understand what’s at stake, and show politicians that you deserve more than a simple “in / out” vote on such an important issue.

Now get out there and vote!

Thank you for being great,

Ed, Alex, Kathryn, Andrew, Max, & Oleg.

PS. Things are going really well at Represent – we’re growing at 4% per week, our team has doubled, and we’re forming great partnerships with organisations and elected officials to make sure you’re better represented, every day.


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