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Will there be a European Spring? Or an Arab Summer? We’ll find out in 10 days.

How do the attitudes of young people in Tunisia, Egypt, libya, Algeria, Morocco compare to those of young people in the UK? And how do those differ from the older people in those countries?

That was the question given to us a few days ago by the British Council and Bootstrap Company for a presentation at the Hammamet Conference this month.  So we need your help with the tweets, because we have just 10 days to run a massive international survey!

Together with the enterprise support charity Bootstrap, we’ve asked 30 questions about attitudes to the future.

Given that Tunisia was the birthplace of the Arab Spring I think we can safely agree that attitudes used to be different. But since that hasn’t had the impact many had hoped for, how do we all feel? Has it broken the spirit of young Arabs? Did the values shift? Permanently?

And how about in the UK, where young people seem to be in a game of ‘Buckaroo’ as governments of the last few decades have added more and more burdens on them? Is their spirit broken? Or do they believe that their sacrifices are building a better future for all of us?

Highlights will be presented at conference, and we’ll post a full report and analysis free here shortly afterwards. (If you’d like us to email you a copy, please mail us.)

Here are some tweets to help you share:

Or share the question you like most:

About the conference

The 2015 Hammamet Conference will explore the challenges associated with inclusion and exclusion by highlighting and sharing solutions through three sub-themes: the price of exclusion; culture, power and voice; and reconnecting states and societies.

The Represent survey will be shaped and shared by young people in the six countries so that their opinions, concerns and joys can be included in the conference and shared with some of the most influential current and emerging leaders and opinion formers from Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and the UK.


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