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5 Predictions for the 2020 General Election

1. It may not be in 2020. The outcome of the 2015 elections is not going to be a stable parliament. The coalition leaders are not acquainted to working as effective, mixed teams; and the media will insist on reporting division and personality. This, coupled...

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We’re for .everyone

You may have read Martha Lane-Fox's call for: A new institution could be the catalyst we need to shape the world we want to live in and Britain’s role in that world. Today, we’re letting big commercial technology platforms shape much...

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The future of Digital Social Innovation in Europe

It's rather long (4h16m!) but this broadcast of the conference from Brussels last month contains some gems about the barriers, opportunities, and trends in how social innovation in Europe is scaling and failing. (If the embed doesn't work, try the link...

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Do health messages work?

So this is interesting. We're quite young (just 3 weeks) so we don't have that much in the way of big numbers that we can point to and confidently say "THAT, my friends, is a FACT!" But in spite of that, just...

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– Why can’t voting be like when you go to McDonalds.

The New Extraordinary

There’s a lot of chat about the ‘new normal’. That’s good news for two reasons. First, pointing at once-radical ideas and saying ‘huh, that’s normal now’ helps us see and believe in change. Not only does that help us get over...

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Democracy: process or project?

For #democracyday on the BBC this morning, Professor Michael Sandel hosted a lively debate about whether democracy works. He summed up by drawing a difference between democracy as process and democracy as project. Instead of conversations around first past the post...

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– The visions of the future we offer our children become self-fulfilling prophecies.
– Millennials demand a “participation economy”
– De-klein in economic values.

How to get young people to vote Rick Edwards suggests 5 key changes: Online voting Make it compulsory, with an opt-out Add a ‘none of the above’ box Use voter advice questionnaires to engage people on the policies, then point them at the party which...

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