Can you help? Are you in a group which wants more people involved in decisions?

What we’re looking for:

We’d like to hear from groups who can help us test and improve our new features for decision making within an interest group. Examples include:

  • Businesses who want to engage employees in decisions and get ideas from across a large team
    • Should we have more vegetarian options at lunch?
    • Shall we try to put life-time guarantees on all our products?
  • Local groups who want to engage residents on local issues
    • Would you welcome more affordable housing in the village? 
    • Would you like home deliveries from the shop?
    • Would you like to join a cycling group? 
  • Companies who’d like invite their customers – or even any stakeholder – to help themprioritise what to do next
    • Putting a lifetime guarantee on a pair of our jeans would add £24 to the cost. Shall we do it?
    • Shall we make all our recipes GMO free?
  • Organisations who want to know how they’re doing, and get ideas from members
    • Are you happy with the care we provided your relative? 
    • Do you have ideas how we an improve the care we provide? 
    • The rain puts some people off. Would you like more indoors attractions?
    • Should we divest from fossil-fuel investments?
  • Cooperatives who are looking for a tool to make sure everyone can easily engage with the issues they care about

Ideally your group will be looking to get feedback and ideas from more than 100 people where their engagement will either lead to an actioned outcome or useful feedback to the group.

What you’ll get from us:

  • A free group for up to 1,000 members (we’ll may ask for a contribution if you’d like more)
  • Help structuring questions
  • Guidance on how to make the best of the tools in Represent
  • Customised analysis if what’s already there isn’t enough
  • Quarterly in-depth reports on the state of your group for 1 year.

Interested? Please send some information through to







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