• Bringing digital disruption to government

    Bringing digital disruption to government

    A few weekends ago we were invited to speak at TransPolitica, a conference on real world policy changes for a radically better future. Together with Tim from the CivicTech coworking hub RainGods (home to Represent’s London office) and Dan from MegaNexus we discussed how social enterprises are revolutionising democracy and the political process: from better information, to…

  • The future of Digital Social Innovation in Europe

    It’s rather long (4h16m!) but this broadcast of the conference from Brussels last month contains some gems about the barriers, opportunities, and trends in how social innovation in Europe is scaling and failing. (If the embed doesn’t work, try the link below)

  • How to upgrade democracy for the internet era

    [ted id=2104]

  • Bruce Sterling on the opportunities and risks of Smart City States.

  • How to get young people to vote Rick Edwards suggests 5 key changes: Online voting Make it compulsory, with an opt-out Add a ‘none of the above’ box Use voter advice questionnaires to engage people on the policies, then point them at the party which best matches their values (see voteforpolicies) More young people in…

  • Watch from 1m10s. Amazing that so few politicians actually do this, given the reaction.