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  • Did the 2017 General Election change our approach to young people in politics?

    It seems that last week youth had a great influence in the outcome of the elections. Their turnout was firstly surprisingly high: Labour MP David Lammy claims it reached up to 72%, although a YouGov survey only puts it at 66%. With an overall turnout at 68%, it would mean that under 25s ¬†went out…

  • How do DUP policies stack up?

    The DUP have agreed to support Theresa May without forming a coalition. Their 10 MPs take the Conservatives over the 326 seat line to form a government by 2 seats. But how do their views compare across key issues? Through the general election campaign we analysed all the main party manifestos, and have add the…

  • Where do you stand on immigration?

    In the run up to the UK general election Represent will be helping you have your say on key issues. First up, immigration.