The fun thing about doing huge this is that there’s something for everyone! Take a look and see what works for you!

Join the slack channel!

30 seconds

    1. Ask your representative to sign up.
      Find your MP’s twitter and email and link them to the local dashboard.
      If you already know their twitter handle go ahead and Tweet them
    2. Tweet about how Represent is the type of democracy you’ve always wanted, and tag some friends, journalists, and .. anyone!
    3. Share on Facebook. You might like to share a direct link to your profile.
    4. Like our facebook page

  1. Share on
  2. Brag on
  3. Share your favourite question
  4. Make sure your profile is up to date
  5. Donate!

5 minutes

  1. Find a topic which interests you, and spend 5 minutes sharing your thoughts and opinions.
  2. Join a group or two
  3. Ask a question which interests you, and share it with friends.
  4. Write to your local MP, Mayor, elected representative telling them about Represent, and why you like it and would like them to use it to help them represent you more directly.

10 minutes

  1. Start a group, invite friends, co-workers, or people from your group or community, and populate it with questions.
  2. Answer more questions!


We’re always interested to hear from great people! Right now we’re epecially keen to find allies in communications, PR, and politics and political innovation. Tell us about yourself!