Open Surveys
Everything you love about surveys, but better.


Beyond petitions is open discussion, clear information, and consensus seeking.
Location-based questions

Your community is where the really interesting stuff happens. Our area-specific feature allows you to focus on your neighbourhood (down to ward level for now), and ask and answer questions about local issues.

Follow topics

Passionate about politics? Curious about climate change? Subscribe to the topics which are most interesting to you.


We LOVE transparency. But sometimes privacy can be even better, so you can privately answer any question. We invite you to confirm your identity by linking accounts, and will add more validations as we grow.


Share reasons

Knowing what you think is important, knowing why is better. Add your reasons, and upvote others if you agree so we can stimulate healthy discussion.

Suggest solutions

How do we turn debate into action? If a question or results page has sparked something, this is the place to share suggestions for doing something about it.

Change your mind

Those who are open to changing their minds are the ones who keep learning. We want Represent to improve as you do, so it will be possible for you to change your answers.


Census data

Representation works best when everyone’s included. We map the demographics of those who answered a question against a census baseline, so we can clearly see how representative the results are.

Explore results

Anonymised results are shared and analysed in real-time, show age and regional trends. Learn more, and find better ways to make change.

Rich insights

Having values in one place means we can show you correlations between questions. Showing there's consistency in a topic makes it harder for decision makers to reject an idea as eg NIMBYism.

Taking action

Take action

We don't have to wait for politicians and businesses, you can often take action yourself. We'll try to point you in the right direction if so. Don't like fracking? Change your energy supplier. Want to object to that new building? Here's a link to your planning department.

Ask a better question

Anyone can ask a question on Represent. Want to know what the world (or just your city of neighbourhood) thinks about something? Ask a question on Represent, share it easily online (and off) and find your answer. It's never been easier.

Join groups

Groups allow for more detailed, specific, or even private discussion. It might be an organisation you support wanting to poll supporters, or your company giving employees more of a say.

Social voting

Trust, & expertise

Represent lets you easily see the ideas and expertise of others. If your 'health care' values align with Sarah's, and if you trust her to be more informed, the obvious next step is to let you delegate your vote to her. And if she wants to delegate her vote to someone she trusts, she can. This way the most trusted experts emerge and decisions are taken by the people most able to make them.

Copy their vote

Letting someone else vote for you has been done since group decisions began. But rather than choosing one person to represent us for everything until the next election, how about we choose - topic by topic - the people we trust most to make decisions for us? It's the natural solution to petition-fatigue, and empowers our most trusted voices. Of course you can take your vote back any time.

Be trusted by others

If you're passionate and knowledgeable about a topic, other people may want to copy your vote, or you might ask them to do so. Represent lets you represent anyone, for anything. From local planning to foreign policy, economics to education - this is your way to share your passion and wisdom in the service of others.