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Embeddable sign-up form for groups

Turn visitors into actionable members with our embeddable signup form. Membership count milestones will automatically increment inline as your group grows to encourage signups.


How it works

When you set up a Represent group we’ll provide you with a ‘Join us’ embed code. It will look a bit like this:

<iframe src=”https://open.represent.me/joingroup/6″ style=”height: 550px; width: 100%”></iframe>

You can use this code anywhere on your website, or partner sites.

  • Existing users of Represent will be prompted to sign in. Following that a button will be displayed allowing them to join your group.
  • After completing the form, users will automatically be signed in – Enabling them to use other Represent widgets embedded throughout your site without requiring them to sign in again, such as the collection widget.
  • Minimum embed height: 700px
  • Minimum embed width: 320px

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OpenSurvey embed

Create an OpenSurvey and you can drop a widget like this onto any page of your site for an instant polling solution. No configuration required.


How it works

Just like YouTube, when you create an OpenSurvey we provide you with an short embed code. Add this code anywhere on your website or any partner site you are working with.

  • Users not already signed in will be prompted to sign in or register to the platform
  • Choose whether to show the collection landing page or first question by default
  • Include markdown ‘breaks’ to show rich content to your members
  • Users are prompted to share the parent page after answering all the questions
  • Minimum embed height: 320px
  • Minimum embed width: 320px
  • Works on most smart mobile devices

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